15 Palace Street Canterbury CT1 2DZ
01227 769555

Our Vision

Established in July 2017, Mother and Daughter duo Zoe and Kiera opened Lily’s Bistro with the long term view to offer employment to those who may face barriers to employment. This includes people who may have learning disabilities, Mental Health struggles, Homeless, or not able to gain experience in a work place.

In February 2018, they then opened Lily’s Social Kitchen CIC. It is a Community Interest Company which is a registered Not For Profit. By opening the CIC, Zoe and Kiera are able to access grants to be able to offer paid employment as this was their long term goal.

So far, they have been able to offer the opportunity of work experience and volunteering to 5 individuals who are facing barriers to employment. They are employed as volunteers to make sure that they enjoy it and to gain experience while we apply for grants to offer them paid employment.

This has ensured that 5 individuals have the opportunity to work with us, or they can find employment elsewhere, and use us as a reference to better their chance of getting the paid employment that they want.

The end goal for Zoe and Kiera is to make Lily’s Bistro self-sufficient. By this, it means that it is completely run by vulnerable people, giving the opportunity to begin to open another Lily’s Bistro in another town offering the same opportunities to other people who need it.

If you would like to help us reach our end goal, please pop in for a coffee, have lunch with us, make a donation, or volunteer for a few hours a week – any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated and gives us time to look at how we can offer more people an equal chance at paid employment.

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