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Who we are

This page is still under construction! Please bare with us 🙂


We have our own little family here at Lily’s! We are made up of some amazing volunteers and staff and we are excited to introduce you to our family.



“My name is Gregg and I have always wanted to be a Chef. Ever since I was 14 my uncle taught me how to cook. I got taught some skills at school and also at college and I still remember and use many of those skills today. What they taught me has made me want to work in a restaurant more. I would like to work my way up a restaurant and eventually have my own restaurant or café. Thank you to Lily’s Bistro for teaching me all the skills all over again and I’m a lot happier with what I’m doing all over again!”



“My name is Gwen. I have been living in the UK for 27 years and I have loved so many amazing types of food from across the world. In France, we tend to be a bit more conservative and traditional so it has been a breath of fresh air. I love food and working at Lily’s as a volunteer has enabled me to witness amazing cooking that has been made from food surplus which is collected weekly. Anything is possible so you learn to be creative whilst helping with the food prep.”



“My Name is Jack and I’m nearly 25 years old. I would like to expand my horizons and train at Lily’s Bistro to then be able to move into working in commercial kitchens for big restaurants. I work at Lily’s 3 days a week as it helps keep me motivated to get into paid employment as opposed to playing computer games all day!”


“Lily’s Bistro is named after my Mum, Lily, who loved to bake! Working with my Lily opening 42daughter Zoe, and Granddaughter Kiera is a pleasure (most of the time!). Just goes to show you’re never too old to change your job!”


“It was always a dream of Zoe’s to have a Bistro employing people facing barriers to work. It is a pleasure being around to help achieve this dream which we are working as a family unit to do. Having now retired, this will now be my part time job as maintenance man!”





“I have always believed that everyone has the right to work no matter who you arekiera-975x500, or what your past may consist of. When Mum asked me to open a business with her that aimed to employ those that face barriers to employment, I jumped at the opportunity! Having the chance at a young age to make a BIG difference to the community gives a great feeling, and knowing what we have achieved in the short time we have been here has been amazing! I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way!”




“Hello! My name is Poppy and I am 32 years old. I have got Down’s Syndrome. I like coming to Lily’s Bistro because it makes me feel welcome in this environment. Zoe gives me some independence and gives me the opportunity to improve my cooking skills and meet new people. Zoe is an excellent chef and I made a huge chocolate cake with her! I like serving the customers and handling the food. I also love helping Jill with the cookery sessions as well”





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