15 Palace Street Canterbury CT1 2DZ
01227 769555

The Kings Mile

The Kings Mile is made up of lots of different businesses. The Mile starts at the top of Sun Street next to the Cathedral, and includes Orange Street, Palace Street, Northgate, The Borough and Guildhall Street.

Its made up of small independent businesses who work together to bring members of the public through the backstreets to see the beautiful, eclectic part of Canterbury that has a lot of history to offer.

Made up of Restaurants, Cafes, Art Galleries, and shops, it offers many things and more!

The entrance to Kings School is also along the Kings Mile so people are able to look at the gates and wonder at how many people in history attended the school and see the people of the future go and enjoy their education.

Lily’s Bistro and Lily’s Social Kitchen takes great pride in being part of this wonderful small community, and offers help and friendship to the other businesses and traders that are around us and we hope to continue this and we wish all the traders well!

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