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FareShare are a food surplus charity. Big supermarkets and other food establishments that are similar, will donate any food that is going out of date, had the packing changed or is just deemed in-sellable to FareShare.

FareShare will then sell it onto other Charities and Not for Profits at a fraction of the retail price. This means that the food they receive is still being used instead of being thrown into landfill.

Last year, FareShare donated enough food to create 28.6 Million meals for people in need. This food would’ve been thrown into landfill if they weren’t here!  They are helping to reduce our impact on the environment and are also helping those in need. They donate a large amount of their food to Food Banks, Homeless Charities (Catching Lives).

The food we buy from FareShare is used in our Menu and the Menu changes every week. We have had great fun working with FareShare and are looking forward to decreasing our impact on the world.

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