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Our Community

Lily’s Community is made up of many different organisations.

Some, are businesses and groups that we work alongside on a day-to-day basis such as FareShare and Porchlight; but it is mainly made up of Lily’s Bistro, and Lily’s Social Kitchen CIC.

Lily’s Bistro and Lily’s Social Kitchen CIC work alongside each other to help other employment opportunities to those who are vulnerable and face barriers to employment. A barrier to employment may be that someone is on the Autistic Spectrum and lack some social skills. That’s where the 2 organisations come in.

Lily’s Bistro offers a place of work and training to these people who face barriers, and offers them training, work experience and employment to those who need it. Lily’s Social Kitchen CIC is a not for profit organisation and so they are able to apply for funding to be able to offer paid employment.

All the organisations that are involved with Lily’s Community have been a huge help in the development of the 2 businesses and Kiera & Zoe are incredibly thankful to each and every member that has helped them.

For more information on our community, please go to each tab for each organisation to find out more on how we work with them and the work that they do

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