Breaking the mould – Kiera

I have always been about breaking the system. Breaking the mould that society puts us into. But not everyone can fit into that box. So, they try another. And another. And then another. Until they can’t fit into any box. This is what it’s like for so many people up and down the country when it comes to finding employment.

The box should be designed to fit the person; no matter what their need is, or what they did in the past. And that’s what employers need to do. I believe they need to design a box to fit that specific person so that they can work as hard as they truly can and to the best of their ability to give them the confidence and that feeling of purpose that we get from being employed.

Everyone should be able to have a job. Even if you have Autism, Mental Health challenges, been homeless, or have done a stint in Prison.

Everyone deserves a chance.

For me, I never really wanted a ‘normal’ or ‘exciting job’. I never really fit into the box of what people think is ‘normal’ even when it came to what I wanted to be when I grew up. And I still don’t fit into the box!

Many people don’t know, but I wanted to be a farmer. I would still love to be a farmer; but for now, I’m busy breaking the system