The Customer is always right!

It has been 2 months since we opened on the 4th of July, and almost 2 months since our launch party on the 15th July! It’s been a fun couple of months getting into the swing of opening a new business and getting to find out what works for us best. We have just changed our menu, choosing to take things off and add new products that we feel our customers will like to have (and what we would like to have as well!)

The most important thing to do when opening a business is listen to customer feedback!

The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ is most certainly true! The feedback we have had from you all has been incredible. From how we present our food, even to the prices of our drinks!

We had many people say that our coffee was far too expensive.

So what did we do? We listened.

3 of us sat down with all sorts of devices to scout out our competition and to compare our prices and theirs before finding the average price. We feel we are now a LOT cheaper than what we were when we first opened and we are finally happy with the prices of our hot drinks. Some of our drinks are slightly higher than our competitors, but unfortunately, when you stock local produce, it is more expensive (but better the taste!)

We have had people say our cakes are too expensive for what you get for them. We are now reviewing the sizes that we cut them and how much we charge for them!

We appreciate every bit of feedback; no matter how harsh it may be! We are a NEW business, whatever you say to us about our products or service we take it into consideration and we try to do better for next time.

We are busy planning our winter menu to hopefully launch at the end of the month. We have had A LOT of ideas and requests about what would benefit us, and what you would come to us for. Any ideas you may have will be taken into consideration; we love hearing your comments!