Launch Party 15th July 2017

We officially had our launch party a few days ago.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who came and supported us. It was great seeing you all and we really appreciate all of the support that you incredible people have given to us.

After a stressful few days planning what food we would have on display, and making sure we had enough products from all suppliers!

Thankfully, it all went to plan!

The Sherriff of Canterbury arrived and was a true gentleman! We were incredibly proud and honoured to have him with us and to be happy to take photos with us, and a representative from aArtvark; Poppy.

Lily opening 45

We had a selection of our Ploughman’s and Mezze platters that are suitable for different dietary requirements as samples for everyone to try; these were well received by all!

We were also very privileged to be able to start to stock some incredible locally produced, locally sourced products (including Gin!)

So a HUGE thank you to Page & Sons for our wide selection of wines and spirits including an amazing bottle of Anno Gin. Thanks to Maiden Gin, Westerhall Rum, Biddenden Vineyards, Whitstable Brewery and Old Dairy for giving us the opportunity to stock some incredible products. Just shows that local is the best!

Overall, our journey is just beginning. We are grateful for all the support from family, friends, suppliers, charities and of course, each and every customer who comes in to see us. We have much more to give and to show. Its full steam ahead, and theres no stopping us! Watch this space 😉

With love,

Kiera, Zoe, and Gill x

Lily opening 42