Back to the beginning…

We are VERY sorry to have been so quiet lately!

What with being busy with Costings, menus and suppliers we are almost ready to get going!

However, today it was nice to get back to the beginning and back to what this bistro is all about; Bringing people together.

We had a lovely meeting with Skillnet today. Skillnet are an organisation who work towards getting people with disabilities or limited skills, to get the confidence to go into employment and be able to have a wage. We are going to be working alongside this amazing organisation to offer internships for people to gain skills and confidence.

We are hoping to encourage more businesses to think about this scheme. 95% of people with learning disabilities are unemployed meaning only 5% of people with a form of learning disability are in employment. Internships are great for young people as well as businesses; they are able to work alongside and support each other.

For more information on Skillnet and the work that they do, please go to their website