Ploughman’s Platter


Our signature lunch dish at Lily’s Bistro are our Ploughman Platters. They come in a Vegetarian and Vegan option, as well as your traditional meat based version. All our platters come in a range of sizes to share up to 6 of you, or, if your not into sharing, you can have your own individual platter.

Featuring a home-made layered meat pie, selection of cheese and crackers as well as fruit, this traditional platter is perfect to share with friends and family. Below is an example of a large to share between 4-6 of you.

platter 2

Instead of a layered meat pie, the vegetarian ploughman’s features 2 home-made Quiches, as well as a selection of cheese, home-made bread, crackers and salad.

platter 3

The vegan option features vegan cheese and vegan butter, and a large selection of fruit and salad options. Perfect for sharing with friends and family.

platter 1